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Looking for a job in Nairobi

My name is Laura and I am moving to Nairobi, Kenya in early September after my wedding in August. My fiance currently lives in Nairobi and is self-employed. I am looking to get involved and find work as soon as possible. I'm learning Swahili (well, trying to!).
My back ground is in higher education, customer service, public relations, community relations and marketing. I really enjoy working with people and building relationships.
A couple of questions for those who have moved from the US to Kenya...
1. How did you obtain a work permit in Kenya? Were you able to get a work permit before you moved or while you were living there?
2. Do many employers look for potential employees to be fluent in Swahili?
3. If you're currently employed, how did you go about finding a job in Kenya?
Any and all insight is greatly appreciated; I look forward to learning from you!
- Laura

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