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Looking for carpooling from Loresho to Lenana Road (Nairobi)

Hi, my girlfriend is looking for a daily carpooling opportunity. Posting her add below:

Hello you? Do you live in or around Kibagare Valley/Loresho? Do you have to commute to Lenana Road everyday? Do you have to get to Lenana Road before 8:30am every morning? Does this mean you have to get back every evening after 5:00pm? Well me too. Thing is, I need a ride. So if you're up for car pooling, whether it's for some jolly company (I'm lovely), or you like your quiet (I read every morning) or simply to save some money on petrol (I'll chip in); I'm a here, a damsel in distress. I work on the Atrium building on Chaka Road right off Lenana Road. It would be absolutely lovely to hear from you. Thank you.

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