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Seeking employment opportunities (Nairobi)

Hello everyone,
I'm a 27-year-old American journalist based here in Nairobi. I'm currently seeking some supplementary, part-time/freelance income. I'd really appreciate any advice.
I have extensive experience in editorial work. Prior to moving here in September, I was employed as a writer and editor at an English-language, Egyptian publication called Egypt Independent, based in Cairo. Initially I worked on the copy editing desk, and later I ran the World Section.
If anyone knows of any local publications that need an editor or writer, please let me know. I can edit all types of material. I also have experience with editing NGO documentation, such as press releases, and translated manuscripts.
Regarding my freelance writing experience, I've published articles over the past six months with prominent U.S. publications, such as The Atlantic and World Politics Review.
Also, does anyone know if there are teaching English opportunities available here for native English-speaking expats? I imagine with English proficiency among Kenyans at the extremely high level it is, those opportunities would be limited or non-existent. But please let me know if you have any leads.
I'd also really appreciate any general advice on other part-time/freelance employment opportunities that might be in stock for me.
You can reach me at Protected content or Protected content . Thanks much.

Brian Dabbs

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