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Sourcing a job that will support visa application (Nairobi)

Good morning,

I've just been offered a job in Nairobi and will be looking to make the move with my fiancee at some point between July and September. The next goal is to get her a job. She's got 8+ years of good experience within management consultancy (Deloitte), central UK government, the BBC and has spent the last two years at Vodafone. She would probably describe herself as a programme manager.

Does anyone have any good tips / know any particular websites that are likely to have the type and seniority of role (mid-senior manager) that would mean they would sponsor or support her getting the necessary visa? How difficult it is these days to get a visa as it seems from the different forums I've seen that they are cracking down it a bit? Also, are there any spousal rules - so if we were married and I was working it would be easier for her to get a work permit visa?

All the best,

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