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Work Permint for a Canadian to Kenya (Nairobi)

I have a prospective company looking to hire me and assist with my work permit. I do have some concerns/questions that I am hoping someone can shed some light on for me:

1. What is the process that my prospective employer has to do to obtain a work permit for me?
2. What do I need to do?
3. What are the fees involved, and is this something that I would have to pay?
4. What if the work permit is approved and I get to Nairobi and my employer no longer wants to employ me - can I still legally work in Kenya on the work permit?
5. Any questions or research I should do to ensure that everything is in order and that I am legal to reside in Nairobi on a work permit?

I am Canadian and currently reside in Canada and would like to relocate to Nairobi, so any advice or direction anyone has is greatly appreciated! I want to ensure that I take every and all steps to ensure that I am legal to work in Nairobi and have no problems.

Thank you very much in advance!

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