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In the Al Azzeh Camp in Betlehem we urgently need volunteers from November on (if you can also earlier) who are willing to stay for at least a a month, of course it would be even better if you could stay longer. Accomodation and food will be for free, also arabic lessons.

If you decide to volunteer in the Al Azzeh Camp, you would live with Echlas, the one who is in need of your support as she sits in a wheelchair, and her other volunteers (Most of the time she prefers to have 2 to 3 volunteers. The tasks that are required are pretty simple:

„Every morning I need help with washing, using the bedpan and getting dressed, and I have to be put into my normal or electric wheelchair. In the evenings I need to be moved into my electric adjustable bed. It is important that all the things I need are in the right place so that I can manage some things independently despite my disability: eating, painting pictures for my annual calendars, reading and answering emails, and preparing Arabic lessons at the computer. The volunteers usually accompany me when I leave the house in my ‘car’, the electric wheelchair, in order to visit relatives, go shopping, see the physiotherapist or meet friends. You’ll also sleep in my room, where I have a second bed because every once in a while I might need help in the night. Thus, you will probably quickly learn many Arabic words. Many of my closer relatives often visit us and help, therefore you don’t always have to take care of everything alone. Sometimes I have two volunteers staying with me at the same time and you share the tasks.“

Mainly, we live together here and share our everyday live and help Echlas with the things that are required. Despite of that you will experience live in a refugee camp in Betlehem and learn about the conflict, palestinian culture and so on. Here is also enough opportunities to practice your Arabic or to start with if you haven't already as Echlas is giving her volunteers arabic lessons for free. Usually we will arrange a schedule between the volunteers to make sure that each of them has her freetime to see their friends or to go travel.

So if are interested in or you have further questions, write an email to:
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or visit this homepage for more information:
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