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Jobs in summer (Reykjavík)

Hi there!
My name is Tommaso Adami, I come from Milan, Italy, and I'm currently attending my masters degree in conference interpreting (English and French).
I'm a dynamic 22-year-old with many passions besides languages: drawing, attending live music events, acting and traveling are only few of them.
Recently I've been feeling like I need a getaway from the city I've lived in for 8 years now, and so I'm considering to spend as much as my free time next summer (from the beginning of May to the end of September) traveling places and simply putting myself out there.
Iceland is a country that has always sparked my interest, especially because of its unreal natural landscapes. My plan would be to spend something like two months of my free time there, but besides exploring the wilderness, which will be one of my priorities, I need to find a job to maintain myself and possibly save some money.
I'm looking for any job available! I have experience as a waiter, I have the requirements to teach Italian in a private school, but I would also be interested in helping out in a farm, or fishing on a boat. Really, anything that would guarantee a basic income to finance my adventure in Iceland.
Any answer will be very helpful! My email is Protected content , email me there in case you wanted to take a look at my cv.
Thank you very much!

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