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Do not use Global relocation services - especially their branch in Chile.

*They completely ignore what you are interested in (housing), even after you insist on what you want, they show you more of the same crap that you are not interested in.

*GRS showed us flats (we requested houses), out of our price range (by a minimum of a factor of 1.5-2), in the wrong neighbourhoods, ignoring our specifications (quiet [showed us a flat on the noisiest street in Santiago), balcony, light, garden etc)

* They never tell you upfront that you have a maximum number of visits (which appears to vary depending on whether they like you or not).

- also they tend to count the crappy properties that they find into their "maximum number of unspecified visits" even when they are completely unsatisfactory and do not satisfy a single criteria of yours.

* They try to push you into properties that you don't want.

* In locations that you don't want.

* They try to push you into a property the day you arrive even when you furniture is going to be 6 weeks away (that's ok, because you can rent furniture through them too).

* They are inflexible with a bad attitude.

* They NEVER check when you are available.

* They never tell you in advance how long you will be (at inspections) or how many there are (so you can plan your day or WORK day).

*they make appointments at lunch time (so you can not possibly eat)

* they don't respect the fact that you have a baby (making hours of back to back appointments with no breaks for food or toilet).

* When you do have to squeeze in a breastfeeding session, they don't bother to wait until you're finished before driving off (with the baby out of the car seat).

* They are incredibly unprofessional - always show up late. Decide to take petrol and run errands between your housing appointments (I kid you not this actually happened most days).

* They act like the properties that *YOU* find for your criteria were their finds.

I could go on and on. Do not use this service. They will charge you an arm and a leg and you will do all the leg work and be left homeless and disappointed and much out of pocket

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