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Banned dog breeds in Shanghai?


Dear Shanghai members,

My name is Eefje Meulenkamp and together with my partner and our Shiloh Shepherd Joey we are currently living in Montreal.
Since there is a possibility that we will move to Shanghai around February next year, we're searching for information about taking our dog Joey with us to Shanghai.

We've had contact with a pet relocation company and they told us that they were not sure if shepherds are currently under a banned dog law in Shanghai.
The following website does indeed show a new restriction law (May Protected content which a lot of dog breeds will be banned, including German Shepherds: Protected content
However, the company we spoke to thought this law was changed again last September (which would allow German Shepherds again), but we can't find any information about this modification.
What we did find was the following message (although it's posted in Protected content , which made us worry a bit: Protected content
Our Shiloh Shepherd Joey is super friendly and very well behaved, but he does look like a big wolf according to a lot of people (even more than a German Shepherd - see my profile picture, since there's no possibility of adding photos to this Thread) and although he's a Shiloh Shepherd and not a German Shepherd we’re worried about this anyway.
The pet relocation company also told us that not every part of Shanghai and not every compound owner will accept dogs (especially big dogs) and that there's a change that if they do accept, Joey has to wear a muzzle outside the house all the time.

Is there anyone who can tell us something about keeping big dogs in Shanghai, especially shepherds? Are there important laws, restrictions, walking rules and/or registration rules? What do we have to take into account in terms of living with a big dog in Shanghai? Are our concerns about the public perceptions about these kind of dogs justified?

This is all very important to us and we will base our decision of moving to Shanghai or not on the answers to these questions. So any information is welcome! We would really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!


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