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Looking for a Japanese teacher/tutor,找日语老师/家教 (Shenzhen)

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a Japanese teacher to teach me Japanese one on one. I prefer a native speaker but wouldn't shy away from a Chinese Japanese speaker if their level is high enough. English is not necessary for this job as I would prefer the class be taught in Chinese. If you think you can help or know someone who can feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss compensation and times. Thanks!

WeChat: Brennan_K
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我 想学习日语,我在找一个日语老师给我教一对一种的课程。我宁愿跟跟日本本地人来学习但是如果是能说好日语的中国人的话我可能也不会介意。为这个职位高的英 语能力也不必要,因为我也宁愿用中文来学习日语。如果你觉得你适合这份工作的话,或者认识能帮助我的人请尽管联系我,然后我们就可以谈谈价格和合适的时 间。 谢谢!


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