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Native English Speaker Marketing Copywriter (Shenzhen)

Position: Marketing Copywriter
Location: Shenzhen
Company: Shenzhen Dajiang Creative Technology Ltd
What we want:
1.A highly skilled writer who can create engaging materials for marketing and e-commerce teams.
2.Responsible for writing content for the Official Online Store and banner ads, coordinating with freelance writers, and working on other general marketing copy
1.Two years of experience in digital content and creative writing. Should possess a strong grasp of related disciplines such as online copywriting, technical writing, SEO, and user experience.
2.A proven blend of editorial and storytelling skills, including short-form copywriting and long-form digital magazine articles and blog posts.
3.A creative mind for producing new ideas and catering to audience’tastes.
4.Communicative and goal-oriented.
5.Works well under short deadlines.
6.Excellent project management and interpersonal skills.
7.Strong understanding of differences in workplace culture and goals.
8.Advanced knowledge of drone, filmmaking, or photography is a plus.
9.Native English speaking and writing ability.

1. Write and edit impactful and compelling copy for web and digital formats, including blog posts, landing pages, eDMs, campaigns, and other content tailored for specific audiences and business objectives.
2. Help develop strategic content plans that support marketing, branding, and positioning throughout the entire customer journey.
3. Coordinate freelance writers and vet their content.
4. Collaborate closely and effectively with other marketing teams and internal stakeholders to promote content across multiple channels.
Welcome to join our dynamic English Copywriting team where you'll learn to write in our brand voice and style by working on web copy, product launches, slogans, press releases, video scripts, and more

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