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Personal Identity and the Meaning of Life -Sam Vak (Skopje)

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Personal Identity and the Meaning of Life

Entrance fee:Free

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Why does an individual feel that he or she are the SAME person throughout his/her life? What is this core which makes us who we are? Is it merely biological? Is it merely in the brain? How is it connected to events and objects outside our body, in the rest of the universe?

When we die, what happens to this identity? When we are born, where is this identity? Can we get rid of it or adopt another one? When do we stop being who we are and become others? Can we are ever assume someone else's identity?

This personal identity - does it endow our life with meaning? Can we have a meaningful life without being self-aware? What is the meaning of meaning and how can we tell if something is alive? How can we tell if other people are human? Can non-human agents (entities) have a meaningful life? Can they have identities?

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