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Looking for a Job in Taiwan (Media/Communication) (Taipei)

Hello there, Taipei!

I am Luis, a 25 years old Graduated in Audiovisual Communication.

Last year I lived in Taipei due to an exchange program, but had to get back to my country beacuse I had to deal with my degree paperwork and such. My Visa ended and couldn't afford to go back. Long story short, I started a life there that I want to get back (my girlfriend is satudying there), but I need a job to do so.

As I said, I hold a Degree in Audiovisual Communication (aka Media Entertainment), with internship in Motion Pictures (what I was studying in Taipei)

I speak Spanish and fluid English. I started to learn Chinese, but right now my level is too green. Anyway, I know some basics,so catching up won't be difficult.

Any opportunity out there? I really want to go back to such a beautiful place.

Than you very much, and hope to see you soon, people!

Hasta luego.


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