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What is the possibility of employment? (Taipei)

Hi. Approximately one year ago, I married a Taiwanese We met in an American graduate school, and then last year she finally was able to move to the USA so that we could get married.

Although we currently live in the USA, we both have a strong desire to move to Taiwan. I have visited her country several times and I love Taipei. My only concern is employment.

We are confident that my wife can find employment as she has lived in Taiwan her whole life and as she has a good education with great experience. Our only question is my employment.

I have an engineering degree and a masters in business administration. I also have 4 years experience in engineering and 2 years experience in financial trading, all within the energy industry here in America. I don't speak Mandarin, although I plan on learning it

Is it possible that I could find employment in Taiwan? I know I could teach English, but that isn't a big desire of mine. Also, is it easier if we just move to Taiwan with no job and then look for employment when we get there? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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