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  • Frederik Sørensen

    As I mainly use InterNations for business, it was just overwhelming to get so many international contacts working in Taipei as well.

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Employment in Taipei

Local Economy

Following years of rapid development and its expansion, Taipei is now considered one of the global cities for high technology. Despite this, Taiwan’s traditional industries, based upon the production of textiles and the manufacture of electronics, remain important to Taipei’s economy. The service sectors have seen a rise in significance over recent years, particularly those related to trade, banking, and transportation.

Tourism is a smaller but no less important factor in Taipei’s economy, contributing to the 6.8 billion USD tourism industry in Taiwan and welcoming international visitors in the millions each year. Taiwan’s national brands, such as ASUS, Mandarin Airlines, and D-Link, have headquarters in Taipei. The city is also home to many shipbuilding companies in the north-eastern port of Keelung.

Taipei offers a dynamic and diverse economic landscape that continues to attract skilled professionals across all industry sectors.

Job Hunting in Taipei

There are several Western enterprises that now have offices in Taipei, and many expats currently located in the city are there are as a result of their company offering them opportunities abroad. However, it is possible for expatriates to find work in Taipei once they are in the country and provided they possess the skills required, there are multiple opportunities — from accounting and finance to technology and medicine.

There is also a steady demand for English teachers and those able to contribute to English-language publications, such as magazines and newspapers. However, it is worth noting that it is harder to get recruited by these companies from within the country and often a secondment or assignment is an easier way to make the transition.

The proximity to mainland China is another avenue that could be explored. With good transportation links, there are a lot of companies with offices in both countries and this may be another option offered, although be aware that the culture in China is very different from that of Taiwan.

Work Permits for Taipei

An employer in Taiwan wishing to hire a non-ROC national will be required to first make an application to the Council of Labor Affairs to obtain a permit; this process typically takes about two weeks and will involve providing copies of the employee’s passport, health certificate, employment contract, and evidence of previous education and employment. Once approved, a formal letter of approval will be sent directly to the employer, which will then be needed to apply for a residency permit.

For further information on work permits and the documents needed for a successful application, advice can, for example, be sought from Hirecruit for a simplified version or directly from the Bureau of Consular Affairs or Council of Labor Affairs for Taiwan.

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Hello everyone, It's been a while we haven't had any activities in the Taipei community. Let's get together again for some fun and lots of laughter with a Stand-Up Comedy show at our usual venue Two

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  • Frederik Sørensen

    As I mainly use InterNations for business, it was just overwhelming to get so many international contacts working in Taipei as well.

  • Maggy Roswick

    When a friend invited me to InterNations my first thought was: This is exactly what I as an expat woman was searching for.

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