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  • Brian Norris

    When first moving to Washington, D.C., I didn't know many people outside of the office. InterNations has changed that with some exciting events.

Living in Tucson

“The Old Pueblo”, as Tucson (pronounced ‘Too-saun’) in Arizona is sometimes referred to, is like a modern day oasis. Situated in the middle of the Arizona desert, by all rights it should be a wasteland. Instead it is a bustling, youthful, exuberant city with much more to offer than you may realize. It is the second largest city in the state of Arizona, after Phoenix, and home to the celebrated University of Arizona. The city has a thriving cultural scene, with everything from rodeos, to book fairs, to folk music. This diverse city is extremely welcoming and very expat-friendly. In fact, the Tucson ‘Meet Yourself’ festival is an annual celebration of the many different ethnicities and nationalities living in the city. Nature-loving expatriates living in Tucson can learn more about desert wildlife at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, a combined zoo, museum, and botanical garden, dedicated to indigenous animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert.

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Moving to Tucson

Tucson is a popular city with expats, with plenty to offer. It is a beautiful, laid back and well serviced location, in close proximity to natural wonders like the Sabino Canyon, a desert canyon which cuts through the southern part of the Santa Catalina Mountains. But as you would expect from a desert city – it gets hot. In the summer months, the temperature in Tucson reaches 100F and above, so make sure you get a reliable aircon unit when moving to Tucson, and stay out of the sun in the middle of the day. Residents of Tucson are expected to participate in the city’s drive to save on water consumption, so expatriates moving to Tucson should get into the habit of turning off taps when they aren’t immediately using them, and taking shorter showers. For tips on adjusting to life in very hot climates, get in touch with other expats through the InterNations private messages system and forums.

Working in Tucson

Expats working in Tucson will probably need some time to get used to the dry desert heat and the arid landscape. Although public transport is good in the city, expats living in Tucson’s suburbs will need access to a car, so make sure you are familiar with Arizona’s road laws before you start driving. There are a lot of expatriate workers in Tucson. Due to the city’s proximity to the Mexican border, most of the expats in Tucson are from Mexico or elsewhere in Central and Latin America. As such, learning a few words of Spanish to impress your new colleagues and neighbors might not be a bad idea. In fact, expatriates working in Tucson will find that Spanish words are frequently dropped into conversations as a matter of course. For more information on life as an expat in general, or simply the opportunity to socialize and network with fellow expatriates, join InterNations today and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the largest online expat community worldwide!

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Our dear amigo and member Arturo recommends this fun Venezuelan band. Join us for a great live music show. Artist description: "In the ever-evolving landscape of reggae and Latin music, Rawayana sta
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Join us for a fun night of dancing Latin style celebrating summer

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  • Brian Norris

    When first moving to Washington, D.C., I didn't know many people outside of the office. InterNations has changed that with some exciting events.

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