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Any Jobs for Native English Speakers? (Warsaw)

I've been told that while my Residence permit is being processed, I am allowed to work (even without a polish degree). Here is a quote from an official.

"Any foreigner from outside of the EU who has a full-time degree from a Polish university is entitled to work in Poland! You don't need a residence permit (karta pobytu) in order to start working - you will get the karta based on your work contract! I think it is very important to highlight this information because a lot of HR departments in multinationals are getting this part of Polish law wrong! First contract -> then karta pobytu, not the other way around! If you have applied for your residence permit and have a red stamp in your passport, as well as a Polish diploma (which nullifies the need for a work permit) then you can start working as soon as you find a job! The relevant articles from the Polish Law Code are: Dziennik Ustaw RP, Rozporzadzenie Ministra Pracy i Polityki Spolecznej z dnia 21 kwietnia Protected content . Poz. 588, point 15 as well as Poz. Protected content 108 points 1) and 2)."

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