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Become a Cultural Ambassador to China (Warsaw)

Dear Internations members,
With more and more Chinese travelling, they are increasingly curious about culture, customs and lifestyle from around the world. But what, how, and where can they learn? This is where you can help!
One of our aims at Meldi Culture is to improve cultural awareness and understanding.
We are currently recruiting a team of Cultural Ambassadors from around the world, who, without even leaving home are able to share about country and customs. We are looking for people of all ages, backgrounds and locations to contribute original articles with audio recordings for our interactive project, “Culture Box”.
As a Cultural Ambassador you can share quality information, both factual and personal experiences about your nation, region or hometown’s lifestyle, culture, customs, history, food, festivals, arts and craft, sports, leisure, language, entertainment, music, natural scenery and so much more! If you’re living the expatriate life you may also share your experiences of living or travelling abroad.
We will require a short profile and photograph from all our published Ambassadors to help introduce you to us and our clients for that real personal touch.

Payment by the word
Word count Max 900
Word Fee 0.40 RMB
Audio Fee 0.05 RMB

All articles must be suitable for families and children and will be previewed for suitability
All articles may be edited prior to publication
All articles must be original work with supporting photographs, 1 or more per article
Only published articles will be paid
Ambassadors may also receive a bonus based on popularity of a story
Payment currently by wechat, direct deposit to mainland Chinese bank accounts and paypal.
Email Meldi International Cultural Exchange Centre at Protected content for more information. Please include a passport size photo and briefly introduce yourself to us.
Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested. Thank You.

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