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Free coaching offer. (Seriously - FREE!) (Warsaw)

Dear all,
As part of my coaching certification I am required to provide certain number of hours of coaching free of charge (pro bono). This post is to offer you using coaching for your personal benefit while supporting my own learning (have I mentioned it's free? ;-).

What is coaching?
Coaching is a (set of) converation(s) that focus on Client's future and inspire action that will take him/ her there. THE COACH is responsible for the quality of the session(s). THE CLIENT is responsible for the action to be taken. It is also the Client who decides the topics s/he is willing to be coached on.

Who am I looking for?
I have experienced living abroad, went through excitment of going to another country and got challenged by coming back home. When I look back I feel individual support would have supported my international experience. That is why I am offering this chance to expats (e.g. living in Warsaw or Poles living abroad), but if you are in your home country and experiencing reintegration issues or planning to go for an overseas assignment - that is also for you. If there are any friends you would like to take this opportunity - feel free to share my contact details with them.

I can currently accomodate Protected content . The selection is on "first come, first served" basis.

How will it work?
Sessions will be provided over intenret (e.g. Skype). There will be Protected content (depending on your needs). Starting date, timing and other "logistics" will be arranged individually. The sessions can be delivered in English or Polish.

Confidentiality and security
Everything said during the coaching sessions is strictly confidential. If there is any point of time the Client wants to stop the coaching - it is his/ her right to do so.

Is there anything expected in exchange?
First of all - you being the Client of the free coaching sessions supports my certification and development as coach. That means a lot to me. After the coaching has worked for you I would welcome your testimonial - but that will come some time later and ONLY if you will be willing to.

Interested? Still some questions to be asked? Feel free to contact me: Protected content

Best regards

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