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We - I &WE - are founding a "art - gallery - events LOUNGE" where you can rent your own ATELIER.
WE offer YOU the infrastructure for YOU, to be creative.

THE LOCATION OF I&WE will be 3 min walk from the train station KILCHBERG (Zürich). It is a Protected content room with 2 fronts of glass windows and lake view. 10 ATELIER SPACES will be offered. Each Atelier space can be shared. YOUR ATELIER SPACE includes a box for your material. All atelier spaces are with day light. INFRASTRUCTURE such as e.g. water, toilettes, shower, w-lan and the opportunity to store some food and drinks is given. Each artist will be given one week a year to organize his/her own GALLERY EXHIBITION with the support of the I&WE lounge. For this the NETWORK of I&WE can be used. Any work sold will be commissioned by 10%. MONTHLY COSTS will be Protected content .
A CAUTION of 1.000 CHF (2 months-rent) will be deposit. MINIMUM DURATION OF CONTRACT would be 6 months. NOTICE PERIOD would be 3 months from both sides.

Besides the Ateliers there will be the I&WE LOUNGE attracting external people. Brunches will take place here. A well equipped kitchen and a huge table, sofas, benches and a small library will be the centre of the lounge area. MEETING, EXCHANGE and INTERACTION are the focus of the Lounge. Events such as e.g. painting course (act, action, still life, …), art spectacles, and workshops (topic specific, company workshops, …) make our Lounge well known. Part of the room can be rent by externals (e.g. for yoga & dance classes, seminars, painting classes, etc.). The concept is OPEN.

We are looking for YOU, who is interested in such a concept.

If you are interested in such a concept do not hesitate to contact us.


Daniel Eisenhut
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Pascal Minger
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Ulrike Liebert
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I&WE is a company. The concept of I&WE is to mix between art, gallery and events framed by a lounge. The combination of Ateliers, Gallery and Events affords and supports the communication and interaction between artists from different fields and externals. This leads to a productive coexistence between all parties and allows equal prosperity from all sides.

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