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female singers > FULLTIME work! (Zurich)

Seek female singers that could be on MTV but can live without it ... while still performing on MTV, Vivo, etc. (i.e., doing without "needing"!) ....

... for re-forming Beatlesque [& beyond!] band with really GREAT! new original music after fulltime working "coverband" phase [just like the early Beatles!].

Intention is to SUBTLY help & improve people (OK, demonstrate that they can do so themselves!) from the inside out ... also like the Beatles! Think: "Imagine" ....!

Must be happy and charismatic as well as a bit Enlightened with Ego well under control .... AND be potentially free to travel FULLtime for several years, with NO "attachments"!

We already have many years of experience singing/playing with world-famous bands & artists, and MANY super USA music-biz contacts; Zürich-based for now

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