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Multi-traditional bare-essentials class (Zurich)

About the trainer: Alève Mine, M.Sc. and vocalist: previous teaching includes karate, yoga, pilates, contemporary dance, personal trainer, and all group classes typically found at fitness clubs.
26 years of experience in multiple martial arts: 2nd dan goju ryu karate, team kumite European intercollegiates bronze, taiji performer;
14 years of experience in yoga;
4 years of experience in pilates.

Alève has now synthesized a thorough training out of these disciplines - including respiratory training, self-massage and various traditions involving meditation. Out of her own full training unit:
3 hours of detailed conditioning,
1 hour of structured meditation,
and a separate martial arts training session of variable length,

she offers a bare-essentials 1-hour training.
For groups of minimum 5 people.
Maximum number of people based on venue and participant needs.
50CHF per person, payable in advance for class confirmation.
Venues will be determined case by case optimally.
Please contact Protected content
(Seminars and personalised sessions only upon request.)

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