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US tax help, what to do as an American in Switzerl (Zurich)

Hi there,

If you have issues or problems around being an American in Zürich – ie., U.S. person status, we can help.

As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are mostly concerned with financial planning and structuring,
• Sorting out investments and issues (eg., what investments are Ok from a US perspective)
• Financial planning
• Pensions (what works, what doesn't, what is completely poisonous)
• Asset protection
• Estate and succession planning
• Life Insurance – both risk coverage and investment products (eg., Deferred Variable Annuities)

A big part is we manage and coordinate Swiss with U.S. tax. One of the big problems for Americans here is the coordination of the Swiss tax professional with the U.S. tax professional. To get the best results, the two must be coordinated. Otherwise it's not just the expense, disasters can happen. If you own a company here for example, it can be a bomb. Quite literally.

Anybody with US and/or UK tax issues or questions, please just get in touch. Sorting U.S. tax stuff is one side, but we can also help with personal finance issues and pension issues. For example, the Swiss Pillar 2 (BVG) is treated as an ordinary financial account under US tax laws and both employer and employee contributions are added to taxable income for example.

Pillar 3? As a U.S. person, just a bad idea.

For U.S. tax work, we work with an international U.S. CPA firm with head office in London and branches all over. They do only international U.S. tax work, so have pretty much seen it all.

For Swiss tax we work with a Swiss tax attorney and a Swiss "Treuhander". Again, mostly international clients and work.

What is the problem?  Because usually in the integration of the two, the Swiss guy won't know the US stuff and the US guy won't know the Swiss stuff.

Why talk to us? Because with FATCA, the Common Reporting Standard and all the automatic information exchange of information, there is no privacy anymore. At all.

You may need someone here, an international practice, often because the domestic tax advisors, CPAs etc. are not aware of the various allowances, exemptions, Tax treaty positions you can take, etc., you are eligible for when resident overseas.

You can get in touch with me at
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For a prelim. chat to work out just what you need done.
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For a recent article on the issues:
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There is a lot that can be done.

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