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Massage and body work therapist (Barcelona)

freelance massage and beauty therapist with 5 years experience and counting.majored in massage and body works like facials,body scrubs,cellulite treatments with a slight knowledge of nutrition and diet.from a Thia and ayurvedic massage background,i designed my own massage techniques with a blend of thai and ayurvedic massage technique to suit one's needs.i have worked on many people with special cases and needs and in all,the journey has been amazing and i await to work the body out of your body,relax it and rejuvenate the looks.
currently,am colaborating with two centres in barceloneta (in a beauty of One ocean port)and Horta(a cozy traditional massage centre) so either you want to have a treatment at home or any of this centres,my hands still awaits you.
remember,a good regular massages,good diets,exercise and healthy lifestyles keeps you healthy and away from the hospital.

NB;i speak fluent english and spanish(i don't have much control over spanish)

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