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Joint Venture Option (Berlin)


My name is Camala and I have been here in Germany for 4 years and am realizing that what I don't like about my German experience is that the living standard is quite low. I would therefore like to find something that is quite nice and feels more like a home, rather than a limbo, cheap wg alternative.

My budget would be somewhere between Protected content and if I could find someone interested in matching that, we could look for a 2 bedroom apartment with a shared living room area in the ballpark of Protected content .

My criteria are that the apartment has:
-full and modern kitchen including fridge and freezer
-welcoming shared living and eating area
-washer and dryer
-Two private bedrooms
-modern bathroom

If anyone would be interested in pursing this idea as well, please let me know! Ideally I'm looking in the Prentzlauerberg / Mitte / Friedrichshein area, but am open to other areas too.

Send me an email at Protected content if interested!

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