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To live in Germany! (Berlin)

Hola all, I made a thread a couple months ago but decided to trash it as I had phrased myself poorly.

I am an 18 yo guy with an EU citizenship going to live in Germany around Feb-March Protected content soon), learning German as fast and intensely as I can and saving as much possible money with a full time job... But forgive me, for the life of mine I have still not chosen a city to live in!

You see, at first Berlin called my eye, as it must do for a lot of foreigners, but later on I realised that rent was not gonna be under Protected content a month even for a cheap place, and began questioning if it'd be a good option, really, given that I will support myself financially and don't want to spend every hour of the week working to survive, so I began looking at other cities and such and came to find Aachen, in the western border of Deutschland, which seems to be much cheaper, easier to find a job, but not as cosmopolitan and "fun", I suppose you could say (remember that besides surviving there, I wanna live there too for about Protected content .

And, for the worse, I don't know any German with whom I can have a conversation in regards to what they know about these topics, or what their experiences are! And as you all can see, I am indeed running out of time.

So, what I ask is, would anyone be so greatly kind as to help me get a different point of view on the matter? Of course, the final decision is 100% on me, but there are too many factors I am oblivious to to be able to make a sensitive choice, maybe there is even a "better" city I have not taken into account!

Thank you se very much for your time people, you would really be helping me here.

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