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Internship and/or part-time job (Bratislava)


My name is João Tiago da Silva Moura. In this letter I would like to briefly outline the main
motivations of my application for an Erasmus internship.
I am in the last year of my studies at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, my
integrated master is Electrical and Computers Engineering-Energy. Actually I am in the
the end of my Erasmus experience in Spain. At this moment I am working for a company, Wesser & Partners, where I have to find Partners for an NGO (Fundación Josep Carreras), and all my work is in Spanish. However, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity
to gain some more international experience, so I decided to apply for a foreign internship.
I am specializing myself in renewable energies but thanks to our extensive education, I am
able to face challenges that are not directly connected with my main area. That’s the reason
why I believe that as an intern I would be able to reliably execute tasks directly related or not
to my specific area, and bring added value to a company.
As an individual I have good communication skills. My native language is Portuguese and I
am a proficient user of Spanish and English and a Basic user of French. I have a good
adaptability and I am open to new challenges to develop myself and push my limits further.
This foreign internship would be an amazing opportunity for me to delve further into my field
of expertise and an amazing opportunity also to open my field of knowledge into new areas.

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