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Items to bring from Uk & laundry question. (Cairo)

I am starting to plan my heavy baggage consignment, I know I will not have a garden but will most likely have a balcony.

In Cairo are there any laws about hanging laundry on balconies? ( other countries we have resided in there have been) Does Cairo have Tumbu flies or similar? Or is it just too dusty and polluted to consider drying clothes etc outside?
Do most people tumble dry laundry or do they have racks, airers or similar?

That said what items of general household equipment are difficult or expensive to procure locally?
I know there is Carrefour and also IKEA so wonder about just purchasing household items when we arrive and not shipping anything.

I also imagine Egyptian cotton bed linens and towels are best procured locally?

If you are an Expat in Cairo which items do you with hindsight wish you had brought from the UK if any?

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