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What to bring and referrals needed (Cairo)

Having lived and worked in many other countries, I find that when I am in Asia/Africa it is difficult to get cosmetics, hair and skin products for fair skin/hair and clothes, underwear, socks and shoes that I like and that fit well so I am planning on stocking up and bringing my favourites, because even if you can find these items they are usually expensive. I am making the assumption that this may also be the case in Cairo?

I understand it is cooler in winter and in the evenings, so am bringing close toed shoes/boots, light jackets and cardigans, along with pants, blouses, maxi skirts/dresses and scarves for sun and conservatism when going out. Plus summer dresses and yoga pants for home :)

I am looking for referrals for housecleaners, drivers (with car) and hairdressers, plus doctor (prefer female), and dentist (prefer female).

If I have missed something or am incorrect about my assumptions please advise!


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