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(M.Ed.) Pri /Sec School Teacher services & search (Chiang Mai)

Seeking part-time or full-time teaching position in Chiang Mai to teach Mathematics or German. I'm a qualified Primary and Secondary School teacher (M.Ed.) with special focus on Mathematics, German and English studies (linguistics and literature) and Religious Education (Catholic). I have been living overseas for 4 years and mainly resided in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. After a few years I came back to Chiang Mai, because I very much liked it in the first run.

Besides teaching I work as a translator (English -> German, French-German, Spanish-German), proofreader, editor and transcriptor on a freelance basis. I also do voice overs and data entry jobs. If you need someone to proofread your documents or write articles or Ebooks in German, please don't hesitate to send me a request.

I am used to work on various topics (also IT) and on documents of all lengths, styles and sizes anything from an online article (websites) to a university dissertation or an Ebook whether that'™s just a final read-through for typos or a more major fact-checking exercise. I can check layout and text elements to help to make the content as accurate and professional as it could be.

Thanks for your time.

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