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Looking for job in Dhaka

Hi everyone,

My name is Delphine and I'm living in Bordeaux, France. ... For now ... Cause I'd like to move to Dhaka. So I am just starting to look for a job there but I feel kinda lost right now. I don't know how I should start, where I should look for. So if you have any tips about this, they are more than welcome :)

I am currently working at the finance dept of an NGO called Doctors Without Borders. Unfortunately my NGO doesn't have any wing in BD with a finance dept. I would love to find a job in an NGO in Dhaka, but any job in finance in any other company will work too ! Does anyone know some NGO with a finance dept in Dhaka or any companies willing to hire foreigners ?

One last question : I've heard there is (was?) a Facebook group named "Deshperate in Dhaka" where I might find some information about Dhaka and the life there. Is this group still active ? If so, does anyone know someone who could add me in this group ?

Thanks for taking time to read my message and thanks in advance for any answer you would give me. :)

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