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Your "hands, eyes, presence' for peace of mind (Dhaka)

I, Pat Hepp, have worked teaching, mentoring, coaching, and providing support for individuals from the age of 3 to 88 for the past Protected content .
I have 30 years in the US teaching, two in Egypt, Qatar, one in China, short stints in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, and Protected content in China. All began as a missionary to Bangladesh teaching english conversation, developing agricultural programs, creating recreation programs for industrial schools, ministering to refugees during their exodus from Burma in Protected content coaching for national athletic competitions, the most memorable the First Bangladesh Olympic Protected content . I am a problem solver, teacher/student mentor, one who leads from the front, goal oriented, one who finds ways to make situations work for the benefit of those in need.
HR? I've dealt with all kinds and varieties of personal and interpersonal relationships of students, peers, parents, staff, and administration during my lifetime. Add to that the culltural differences from the MIddle East to China (and my wife is Ukrainian!).
I have farmed most of my life working sculpting the land for crops and drainage, and have driven most farm equipment, and everything from an electric scooter to an 18 wheeler.
My work in Bangladesh was with Bengali's and I still have some written and verbal skills.
If you need a competent individual who can think on their feet, handle disaster situations and still function, or just someone to be your eyes, ears, feet, and mind for you in Bangladesh please email me!
Thanks for reading, feel free to pass my request to those who might be interested! Pat Hepp
Email: Protected content
*Academic education: highest degree Protected content Masters of Science

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