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Advice or Assistance required (Edinburgh)

Hi. I just relocated to Glasgow one month ago. I am Malaysian, and wish to settle down here permanently. I don’t require a visa for me to remain in the UK for up to 6 months as Malaysia is one of the Commonwealth countries.

I would like to find a job, however I can’t find a job here as any potential employer here does not want to get involved in immigration issues even though I graduated from a local university and holding UK University’s Bachelor Degree.

Does anybody know of any Company or Employer who is looking for someone who is able to speak fluent Mandarin, English and Malaya or potential vacancies in the Finance/Banking/Investment sector as I graduated with a BA in Finance and Investment? Or maybe someone who wishes to deal with Asian markets, especially in Malaysia or Singapore. I would be most grateful if you know of anyone who may need someone like me or have vacancies in a related field, or even people who know how or what to do with the visa and immigration issues. Your assistance or advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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