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Looking for job in Edinbra, any good job agency? (Edinburgh)

Hello, I am an Italian professional 43 y.o. willing to relocate to Edinburgh not later than next April.
I am looking for any kind of job, preferably but NOT NECESSARILY in my field of studies (Geology - Geographic Information System).
I am aware that my sector is quite competitive and there are just a few vacancies, so I would accept any other kind of job, even less qualified, in any sector.

I have contacted some job agencies in Edinbra, but from their replies it seems that they consider me too old, overqualified for some aspects (I have a PhD in Applied Geology) and completely unexperienced for any other type of job.

In this way I feel very discouraged, because it seems that I won't find any kind of job any longer, nor qualified or less qualified, exactly as it happens in my home country.

I wouldn't mind at all working, for example, as a caretaker in Edinbra (for aged and/or disabled people), or as a shop assistant, as a porter in a hostel/B&B, as a waiter in a pub, and so on. But recruiters and agencies Always seem to ask lots of experience, experience and experience, even for the simplest job!

Can somebody give me the contacts of some job website and job agencies in Edinbra with a more open minded attitude, without the usual discrimination of age, experience, etc.?

Or should I give up the idea of coming to edinbra to start a new life? Is it so difficult to land even on a simple job over there???

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