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Employment in Eindhoven

Local Economy

The draw of Eindhoven’s technology-centric working culture is of great importance to the Netherlands’ hopes of being on the forefront of the modern business world. The ability to attract talented and skilled expats to the area plays a large part in helping the city’s growing businesses to embrace the international technology community and tap resources and ideas from further afield.

Eindhoven generates some 24 billion EUR in GDP — a statistic that has gone some way towards seeing the city named the European City of the Future by the Financial Times.

Job Hunting in Eindhoven

Given Eindhoven’s appeal to skilled workers in the technology field, finding work in that sector can be an arduous undertaking with so much competition around. However, there are numerous resources available to those seeking jobs of all kinds in the region.

Many other sites that expats will already be familiar with list job vacancies in Eindhoven, and even those listed in Dutch shouldn’t be ignored to English speakers as most web browsers now offer an effective translation function.

In general, employment affairs in the Netherlands are overseen by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Income Taxation in Eindhoven

The Netherlands’ income taxation system splits income into four brackets. They are as follows:

  • 0–19,822 EUR: 8.35%
  • 19,822–33,589 EUR: 13.85%
  • 33,589–57,585: 42%
  • 57,585 and over: 52%

In order to attract skilled expats, the Netherlands recently introduced the 30% rule, which allows employers to pay expat workers a tax-free lump sum equal to a maximum 30% of wages and allowances.

For more information about taxation, check out the in-depth article on Expat Taxation in the Netherlands.

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