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Want to know more about current IT jobs in Germany (Frankfurt)

Hello Everyone,
Need your kind replies and views. I am an IT engineer from India with B Tech in Computer Engineering degree with 6+ years of experience in Java J2ee development. Recently I had heard about Germany Job Seeker Visa which is of 6 months duration. In this duration we can (and need to ) find out a relevant job in Germany. Once we get job, this visa will get converted into 5 years PR.
It can be risky to enter on this visa without knowing current opportunities there. Please help me by replying my chances for getting a job there. Currently I don't have any exposure to German language but I will definitely try to learn and do certification before going there.

Also it will be helpful for me if you guide on the current salary and tax structure and savings If I work there.

Your reviews and replies will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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