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Wanted - Communications Assitant (Full-Time) (Frankfurt)

My company is looking to fill the position of Communications Press and Media Support for our client in the space sector in Darmstadt.

In order to carry out the required task successfully, experience or knowledge of European space-related organisations and programmes is
necessary. The successful contractor needs to have a track record in
communication i.e. at least three years of related experience in the task areas described below. The contractor will need to prove that he/she has successfully and independently managed media projects. Ideally studies in PR and Marketing or a suitable degree are required.

The tasks mainly consist of initiatives such as press events but there are also
some projects that have to be handled on a more regular basis. In detail, the following task areas will need to be handled:

1. Support External Press Events
Support would typically consist of making venue and catering arrangements, preparing and managing invitations as well as ensuring that all mission arrangements for the participants are done. In addition general arrangements to ensure the success of said events need to be provided this could consist of liaison with partner, preparation of documents, ensuing monitoring etc.

2. Support Internal Press Events
Typical support would consist of making the necessary venue and catering arrangements on site in liaison with GES division. Also the invitation and mission arrangements for the journalists would need to be handled and general support to ensure coordination is required. Said events could be linked to general communication activity like for example a launch event. In this case the support would typically consist of managing the invitation, mission arrangements and registration of visiting journalists as well as the provision of general support to ensure that the visiting media have optimal conditions for coverage in their respective publications.

3. Support the organisation of the annual Press Officer Workshop
Here the support would typically consist of liaison with the host institute, handling of invitations and mission arrangements where necessary, ensuring that accommodation, transfer and catering arrangements are taken, presentations collected and coordinated, a programme is developed and communicated to all participants as well as general arrangements to ensure the success of this event.

4. Handle Media Enquiries
Ensure that incoming media enquiries are properly handled. This entails liaison with other intenal divisions. All media enquiries also need to be properly monitored and recorded.

5. Coordinate Intranet/Internet Stories
The Consultant also is required to be able to schedule and publish Intranet Top Stories and News Items and act as a backup for publications on the Internet. The Consultant should also monitor Internet (e.g. through Google news alerts) for story ideas.

6. Manage Press Monitoring Activities
Ensure that all clippings resulting from press activities are collated, counted and documented and that a timely contribution is provided to the media analysis resulting from the activities.

7. Maintain media database
Ensure that database of media and press officer contacts is up to date.

8. Manage on-site visits
Scientific and VIP visitor groups as well as Open Days for general visitors are regular occurances. The Press and Media Support Consultant is required to ensure that these visits are thoroughly prepared, speakers are found, facilities are ready to receive said visitors. Open Days require a more complex preparation including the development of a programme, liaison with the General Service Division for security arrangements as well as media liaison to ensure coverage of the event and of course the necessary arrangements for the event itself.

In addition other support may be required for special Press and Media activities.

If you are interested in this position then please send me an email ( Protected content ) with a PDF attachment of your CV. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sebastian D. Marcu

Frankfurt Forum