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A Comprehensive Guide about Living in Freiburg

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Life in Freiburg

Healthcare in Freiburg

Health insurance can be a challenge for expats moving to live in Freiburg. For those with a job role already in place, it’s likely that health insurance will be included in the package. However, it’s worth understanding that many existing government health care plans in the original country of the expats are unlikely to cover moving abroad – and even some private plans may not.

Health care options are of course available and there are some good ones about. Expats wishing to move abroad and live in Freiburg will need to do plenty of research.

There are many private insurers offering good plans for expats – search expat health insurance Germany – and expats will be able to find plenty of options to fit their circumstances. The healthcare in Freiburg is typically of an extremely high standard and is one of the recognized benefits of moving to Germany.

Transportation in Freiburg

The city center of Freiburg boasts a large car-free zone, giving pedestrians plenty of space to move about the city. Freiburg also has a very highly regarded public transport system, which includes tram and streetcars on the route plan known as the Stadtbahn.

The train line serving Freiburg is the Frankfurt am Main-Basel line, which means there are fast long distance connections from Freiburg to lots of other major cities in Germany and throughout Europe. The autobahn serving the city is the A5 Frankfurt am Main-Basel highway.

The airport is the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg International Airport, which is actually in France. There is also the Karlsuhe/Baden-Baden around 120 km north of Freiburg. Freiburg is also known as one of the gateways into the Black Forest, and as such has great transportation systems between cities and countries. It’s easy to get around and well planned out and organized, making it perfect to navigate around.

Culture and Leisure

It is said that Freiburg is the sunniest and warmest city in Germany, and it’s certainly one of the friendliest. It is known for its welcoming atmosphere, making it a very pleasant place to move to for expats. Freiburg is also known for its stunningly pretty old quarter, with the famous baechle (channels of water that run along the pavements).

Walking through the old quarter, expats will come across the Freiburg minster. There are plenty of museums, including the Museum of Municipal History, which has been in the Merchants’ Hall since 1761.

People who know the city well would advise expats to check out the Adelhauser-Platz, which is somewhat off the main drag but is certainly worth the visit. Lots of celebrations, festivals and cultural events happen throughout the year using the fabulous city squares as venues and backdrops.

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