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Employment in Freiburg

Local Economy

The major of Freiburg is Austrian born and has been at the center of an environmental transformation that has become a model of economic sustainability for the rest of Germany. Green energy and environmental concerns are hugely important in Germany — expats will find that recycling is very important and expected to be followed very strictly. The origin of this success is in and old battle against the opening of a nuclear power station and the subsequent implementation of diverse and innovative ways to make the city sustainable.

Freiburg has a carbon neutral area, where some citizens even refuse to use cars. There is also a residential area, which has houses and buildings using only solar energy — in fact, the buildings produce more solar energy than they can use year by year. In terms of day to day cost of living, Freiburg is on a par with many other German and European cities.

Job Hunting in Freiburg 

It is possible to move to Freiburg and find work once there in the city. Casual work can be easy to find, in bars, restaurants and hospitality. However, the kind of visa will need to be checked carefully to see how long these jobs will allow residency for. Many expats move to Freiburg to work as teachers, either teaching English or teaching at the University.

The University itself attracts many from all around the world as it is a very prestigious and ancient university, offering a high standard of higher education. Apart from this, there are many professions to work in in Freiburg, as it is a modern city with everything this entails.

For skilled professionals in banking, education, engineering, IT and many other professions, work in and around Freiburg is attainable. Searching online and joining industry specific agencies is always good advice for those looking to relocate to Freiburg.

Work Permits for Freiburg

When moving to work in Freiburg, it’s a must to check out the visa and work permit requirements. Expats should check carefully with the relevant authorities in their origin country.

Expats moving to Freiburg from Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland or from anywhere inside the EU will not need any kind of work permit to live and work in Freiburg. The only stipulation is that they will need to be able to support themselves. Expats from Croatia will have to apply for a work permit, however, the rules are set to change very soon so it’s definitely worth researching first.

Visas are required for people moving to Freiburg from a country outside the EU. Expats in this situation are advised to check online before moving. Australian, Japanese, Canadian, South Korean, New Zealand, American, and Israeli expats won’t need a visa to go to Germany but will need a resident permit if they want to stay in Freiburg.

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