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Living in Breda

A comprehensive guide about living well in Breda

With a wide range of outdoor activities, its ancient and modern attractions, as well as a contemporary and inspiring atmosphere, expats planning life in Breda have certainly something to look forward to. Read on for a look at some of these leisure options as well as info on education and security.

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Life in Breda

The town of Breda is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Breda is connected to the rest of the Netherlands via road and rail and the residents of Breda speak in the West Brabantian dialect, which is very similar to standard Dutch. With an expanding international population and plenty of places to eat and drink, Breda is a pleasant place to live, and enjoys a forward looking attitude.

Culture and Leisure

Breda has a number of museums and art institutions. One of the most unique aspects of Breda’s art is that much of it is shown outdoors: parks, streets and even the side of the motorway will have art objects on display. This all adds to the rather unique and contemporary flavor of this city.

The Breda’s Museum, meanwhile, provides an insight into the history of the town and its surrounding areas. Dance is also always popular in Breda and expats will find a number of centers dedicated specifically to dance. There are plenty of options for eating out, with a wide range of cafés and restaurants available. One of the most popular places to relax after work is on the waterfront of the newly renovated harbor, where groups meet to chat and unwind.

Education in Breda

Those moving to Breda with a family will know that education plays an important part in day to day life. Breda falls under the Dutch education system and any child living in the Netherlands is expected to attend school. The normal start age is five and they must stay in education until the age of 16. If a child does not obtain a diploma at the age of 16 then they have to train for a separate qualification and will remain in school until they are 18. Breda has three further education institutions and also the International School of Breda.

Safety and Security

The crime rate in Breda is very low. As is the case with the rest of the Netherlands, Breda is a very safe place to live. Those finding themselves a victim of a crime while living in Breda have a number of options for contacting the police. 112 is the national emergency number and will filter through to fire, ambulance, or police departments. In a non-emergency situation, the national police should be called on 0900 8844.

The Netherlands has an excellent Victim Support system and this is as active in Breda as it is elsewhere. One feature of life in the Netherlands that many expats may not be used to is that soft drugs are legal. Coffee shops may, under strict supervision, sell cannabis on the menu alongside the coffee.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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