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Living in Eindhoven

A comprehensive guide about living well in Eindhoven

Known today as the capital of Dutch design, Eindhoven is a lively and bustling modern city situated in the North Brabant province in the south of the Netherlands. Living in Eindhoven can be both surprising and rewarding, with many leisure options and a generally young population.

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Life in Eindhoven

A hub of high-tech industry, Eindhoven is home to a multitude of businesses on the cutting edge, including global electronics giant Philips, and thus attracts many young, talented professionals with an eye for the future.

Education in Eindhoven

For many expats, moving to a new territory can often prove particularly tricky due to the language barrier. Fortunately, numerous educational organizations in Eindhoven offer a variety of integration and language courses to help newcomers to settle in quickly.

Like most major cities, Eindhoven boasts a number of schools, colleges and universities, many of which cater to international students of all ages, from primary to PhD. Notably, at secondary school level, the International School Eindhoven – an English language-based institute – has excellent facilities and is currently attended by students who represent over thirty nationalities.

In keeping with the city’s status as a technology hub, Eindhoven’s premier higher education institute is the prestigious Eindhoven University of Technology. Frequently ranked as one of Europe’s leading research universities in the fields of engineering and computer science, the school operates many international cooperations with tech-based businesses and other universities, making it a yet more attractive choice for students from around the world.

Transportation in Eindhoven

Unlike many cities of its size, Eindhoven doesn’t have a tram or underground train system. It does, however, boast a comprehensive and efficient bus network that covers the entire city and makes getting around easy, especially with the addition of the Netherlands’ easy-to-use online journey planning service, 9292.

Other means of travel can be a little more problematic. The country’s taxi market is liberalized, meaning that drivers are free to set their own prices. It’s recommended that expats make sure to have a good grasp on the Dutch language and are willing to negotiate if planning to travel by taxi in order to avoid being overcharged.

Getting around by car can be tricky in the city, particularly without a good base of knowledge of the area’s roads and traffic systems. Perhaps the best way to get around in Eindhoven is the Dutch way: by bike. Many commuters choose to make use of the city’s excellent network of bike lanes to cycle to and from work. There are numerous bike hire shops in the city center that cater to those who wish to travel the healthy way.

Culture and Leisure

As a relatively young city with a strong focus on innovation, design and creativity, Eindhoven is a hotbed of art and culture. Galleries and museums frequently pop up in both brand new and converted buildings as the arts community thrives, and the city’s theatres feature top travelling and local performances all year-round.

Elsewhere, recreation and leisure activities aren’t in short supply, with skate parks, bicycle trails, climbing walls and swimming pools scattered throughout the city. In addition, football fans flock from all over the region to watch local Eredivisie side PSV Eindhoven compete against Holland and Europe’s finest.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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