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Working in Montpellier

Find out how to get a job and work in Montpellier

Montpellier can offer diverse job opportunities, allowing expats with different abilities and majors to enter its job market. In particular, tourism is the core business, and international professionals are always welcomed. Find out more about working in Montpellier in this guide!

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Employment in Montpellier

The Local Economy

Jobs in Montpellier are varied and most expats and internationals looking to relocate to the area will be able to find employment to suit their experience and industry. The city is, though, likely to be of particular interest to expatriates with experience in the manufacturing industries, with various textiles and metalworking companies being housed there. Given its proximity to the Spanish border, Montpellier has a long tradition of industrial exploits in both Spain and France. 

Montpellier’s location in the south of France means that tourism is big business, with many hotels being situated in the city. Employees working in Montpellier enjoy the same benefits as other French residents with healthcare and many other opportunities being provided or else subsidized by the government. Employers have to follow certain European Union legislation and guidelines.

Job Hunting in Montpellier

As with all relocations, it is important that internationals looking to move to Montpellier match their experience with the opportunities on offer. As a city, though, Montpellier does host roles and chances in many of the industries and sectors that one would expect to find in modern cities, with media companies, education, healthcare and tourism all being well-represented in the city. For more tailored job searching, though, go to LinkedIn Jobs in Montpellier. This website is used by numerous local businesses for hiring purposes, while certain sections of the site also focus on jobs for internationals.

Income Taxation in Montpellier

Montpellier is subject to the same income taxation laws as the rest of France, which operates a progressive income tax. The most recent rates, as of 2015, are:

  • Income below 9,690 EUR – 0%
  • From 9,690 EUR to 26,764 EUR – 14%
  • From 26,764 EUR to 71,754 EUR – 30%
  • From 71,754 EUR to 151,956 EUR – 41%
  • Above 151,959 EUR – 45%

However exemptions may apply. For example, the amount of income tax you owe will differ depending on your employment situation and whether you have children or not.

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Updated on: October 14, 2021
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