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Ruben Barbosa
"After work I enjoy meeting other Brazlian expats offline. We go for a beer together and it feels like home. Thanks InterNations."
Verona Torres
"The idea to connext expatriates in Strasbourg fits perfectly to the city. Both are truly international."

Hello and Welcome to Our Expat Community in Mulhouse!

Salut! And welcome to the expat community in Mulhouse! InterNations is a private and secure network of expats that helps new expats settle into their life in another country. Through InterNations you can connect with other internationals both online and in person and get helpful information and advice to assist you in your relocation. If you are looking to move to Mulhouse, you might have a number of questions you would like to ask real expats who are living in the country, like, "what are the international schools like in Mulhouse?" or "are there lots of green spaces in the city?". Whatever you would like to know, the expat community in Mulhouse is happy to answer your questions. Did you know that through InterNations, you can also connect with expats from other cities? With over 390 communities worldwide, InterNations is one of the largest expat networks in the world.

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  • Moving to Mulhouse

    Thanks to its handy location in the double bordered region of eastern France, moving to Mulhouse can be an excellent choice for foreign residents hoping to start a new life in France. In this article, you can learn more about the city, the local accommodation market, as well as visas for France.
  • Living in Mulhouse

    Known as the city of one hundred chimneys, Mulhouse is a scenic French city most famous for its industrious past. Home to huge numbers of museums, Mulhouse’s rich heritage is just one of many reasons that expats from all over the world have decided to start a new life in Mulhouse.
  • Working in Mulhouse

    Mulhouse has a lot to offer potential employees in a number of sectors. The city houses a selection of industries including pharmacy, technology and tourism. Each of these booming businesses is great options for expats hoping to start working in Mulhouse.

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Find Out What Mulhouse Has to Offer to Expats

Close to the Swiss and German borders, Mulhouse is a large town in France that is home to one of France's largest nature reserves, the Parc Naturel Regional des Ballons des Vosges. Known as a key industrial center, the town also has a beautiful old town that is popular with tourists and expats alike. Expats enjoy how easy the town is to experience and enjoy on foot. Visit its 19th-century church, the Temple of Saint-Etienne, and the town's 16th-century town hall. The safe town is very popular with expats from all over the world, with many choosing to retire in the relaxing town. Most expats also find French to be an easy language to pick up when they make the move.

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All of the expats that are part of InterNations have gone through a careful approval process before becoming a member of the community. Every member also respects our community's guiding principles of trust, polite and friendly behavior, and open communication, so you can be sure of interacting with our members in a safe and secure environment. So come join our monthly networking events once you have arrived in Mulhouse to meet other global minds! When you move to another country, you don't have to leave your hobbies and interests behind. Simply browse through the selection of groups and find the most interesting ones that you might want to join, such as the Culture Group and the Mulhouse Outdoor Activities Group. If you don't see a group for your favorite hobby, feel free to open your own! By meeting up with like-minded expats in your new city, you can ensure you will settle in more easily and happily.

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