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Living in Utrecht

A comprehensive guide about living well in Utrecht

Enjoy living in a city perfect for families and which also counts with great education including the biggest Dutch University. Find everything you need to know about living in Utrecht, transportation, culture and leisure in this InterNations GO! Guide!

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Life in Utrecht

Education in Utrecht

For families with children, there is a very wide range of primary and secondary education catering for all religious and philosophical tastes allowed by the Dutch school system. This system grades schools on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being very poor and 10 being outstanding. 

Families with children may also be interested in the renowned International School Utrecht, which provides an international learning environment for primary and secondary school students from all international backgrounds.

There are over 74,000 students studying in Utrecht, making it a center for education in the Netherlands. The country’s largest university, Utrecht University, has 37,000 students and has been ranked as the world’s 50th best university in the 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Transportation in Utrecht

Utrecht is located centrally in the Netherlands, making it an ideal transport hub for the rest of the country. Many commuters arrive in the city via train. Utrecht has various stations, the main one being Utrecht Centraal, which has connections to all of the other Dutch cites and direct trains to Schiphol Airport. Utrecht Centraal also operates night trains all week.

Schiphol Airport, sometimes called Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, is the largest airport in the Netherlands and is situated just 40 minutes car journey from Utrecht and also has its own train station.

Like most Dutch cities, there is a strong cycling culture. It has been suggested that a third of all journeys in Utrecht take place by bike, more than any other mode of transport. This cycling heritage has been recognized when Utrecht was named as the host of the 2015 Tour de France Grand Depart and stage 1.

Its central location naturally means that Utrecht is also served well with road systems. Two main motorways pass through the city, connecting it with all major destinations.

Culture and Leisure in Utrecht

There is a very long cultural history in Utrecht, as can be expected of a medieval city. There are nine museums, mainly located in and around the area known as the Museumkwartier. The museums range in theme, with many focused on Dutch history and art.

Fans of the arts will enjoy the city’s two theaters and the various annual festivals that celebrate all forms of artistic expression. Music is also a large part of the city’s artistic makeup. Its long history lends itself to the annual Utrecht Early Music Festival, but there is also a wealth of music venues throughout the city ranging in genres.

There is a wide range of modern sports facilities for all sports. Rowing is particularly well served on the Oudegracht, with a number of active clubs. Utrecht’s sporting culture is reflected with the largest sports club in the Netherlands, Kampong. There is an increasing range and number of sporting facilities being opened to cater for the growing professional and student numbers living in Utrecht.

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Updated on: September 23, 2021
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