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Working in Utrecht

Find out how to get a job and work in Utrecht

Utrecht can offer a strong economy with a variety of sectors and work opportunities, particularly in terms of services and finances. So if you’re an expat planning on working in Utrecht, get the necessary info regarding the local economy, job opportunities, and work permits in this article.

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Employment in Utrecht

Local Economy in Utrecht

The city’s strong university presence has attracted many large businesses from a range of sectors. Utrecht has a very strong services sector, including financial services and banking. Rabbobank, for example, has its main headquarters in Utrecht. Capgemini also have a large presence. It is also a main location for life sciences and other research, with many leading scientific companies including Danone, GlaxoSmithKline, and Genmab with offices in the area.

Global ICT companies also have a base in Utrecht such as Oracle, Redhat, and Novell. This has attracted a large influx of developers, making Utrecht a hotbed of innovative digital start-ups and gaming companies.

Utrecht’s central location makes it an ideal transport hub which has in turn attracted large transport and engineering companies including ProRail, the governmental organization tasked with the upkeep of the country’s rail network. Other large employers include the container port, which has the capacity for 80,000 containers.

All these factors and more have led to an upwardly mobile, educated, and sophisticated professional workforce in Utrecht. 

Jobs in Utrecht

The influx of large companies and rapid expansion has brought about the need for supporting businesses to serve workers and the growing numbers of families that now live in the city. A rapidly expanding city such as Utrecht needs an infrastructure to support it. This creates a wide range of employment opportunities for expatriates with all skill sets and experience, making relocation to Utrecht far easier. 

Job listings are found in the various local newspapers and websites. The university websites, such as Universiteit Utrecht’s, are also worth a look, as they have dedicated careers offices. Recruitment firms and sites, such as Undutchables.nl , are one more option.

Work Permits for Utrecht

In some cases for non EU citizens, sponsors and employers may need to prove that the position has been advertised locally and that the foreign worker is suitable, in which case a work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning or TEV) will be needed. The TEV process is a combined permit for residence and work and is valid for three years.

Highly skilled and qualified professionals may be able to be take advantage of a more streamlined process by visiting Expatcenter offices operated by the IND. Registered employers can lodge an application prior to the employee entering the country. They can then being work immediately on their arrival although they will need to attend an Expatcenter in person.

For clarification and up to date advice on visas and permits, expats are advised to contact the Dutch Immigration Service (IND).

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Updated on: April 14, 2015
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