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Back to the Nature ! (Ho Chi Minh City)


We, my husband and I, are English Teachers. May be one of you ask why we need another ‘business’, right? Yes, am going to that point. We started “Easy English House” before 2 years and busy with that job by teaching General English for Communication, Business English, TOEIC and IELTS students at our home. Both of us wish to stay home and work unlike others. So we started our “Easy English House” from which so many of our students successfully completed their courses and working in good positions and or studying abroad.
My husband is an Indian who wishing a calm and happy life! He is very strict in cleanliness and personal hygiene. After I started to live with him, I too changed a lot according to his wish and compulsion. His skin type is dry. Because of this reason or some other reasons his skin dry and crack during cold weather, especially leg skin. When it crack he feel itchy. This make him moody and disturbed during cold weather period or even using Air Conditioner more time. Before 6 months, we went together to consult a skin specialist. She prescribed some costly tablets and cream to apply externally. After that medicine he got relief from itchy skin for 2 or three months and it restarted again! So we visit “The Body Shop” and bought a body cream for him and a night face cream and a lip balm for me with a high price! After using that cream he searched the internet for a low cost and better remedy and at last found it!
In India, he studied Homeopathic Medicine earlier and know the “Treat the cause” theory. So he searched in internet for a better solution and found ‘Shea butter’ has a good and quick healing power. Shea butter is a slightly yellowish or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). It is a natural plant extract with exceptional moisturizing properties. Shea Butter is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and in Europe it is also used in the confectionery and chocolate industry as a cocoa butter substitute. People of all ages and skin types utilize shea butter because of its many uses.
At first, it’s very difficult to find out the shea butter here in Vietnam. After a long time search we find out good quality shea butter(raw – Grade A) and he began to use before bed time. Because of it’s nut aroma I hesitate to use raw shea butter. My skin type is sensitive. The good thing about shea butter is all skin types people can use it undoubtedly. After 2 days usage we restored our skin with a new moisturized one!
On my request he began the research and found so many skin care recipes with shea butter. After that we made whipped shea body butter, face cream and shampoo with high quality ingredients and our favorite aroma essential oils which suitable for our sensitive and dry skin. After that we discussed about sharing this natural way to protecting the skin from harmful chemicals thus we started this “Charma – Home of Natural Products”. Now our room air always filled with one of the essential oils which we burn as a room freshener!
I hope all of you will love and protect your skin and body by natural way by 100% natural ingredients! Feel free ask me for a free recipe to make Shea body butter or a Face cream... or even more recipes..!

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