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Business Writing Service (Ho Chi Minh City)

You may read the content directly here:
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What’s Business Writing Service?

Normally potential clients/customers don’t reach to you since they don’t find your info OR your info is not enough to help them to make decision OR it’s not being written to easily understand. Specially if you just translate from English to Vietnamese

So Business Writing Service …

Is a service which help YOU to have a detail portfolio about your services and products.

This service is for you, if:

+ You are business owner in Vietnam and want to write about your business to attract more clients/customers.

+ You have a business event and want to write about it to attract more people next time.

+ You work as a freelancer/entrepreneur (i.e: English teacher) and you want to write about your service/product to attract more clients.

+ You have products and services and want to approach Vietnam market, I can write and post for you to see responds first.

The output:

The output portfolio may include but not limited to following content:

+ Who are you and why are you in this business?

+ What value you want to bring to clients?

+ What is your service and policy?

+ Your term and conditions?

+ Who are your clients?

+ What do your clients experience with you?

+ Payment and price?

+ Your contact info and office address (if any)

(if your office is located at one-way road, the portfolio also instruct people what is the best route to come. If your office doesn’t have a parking space, the portfolio also instruct people where to park their vehicle if they come)

Who am I and why am I doing this?

So I observe myself and see that I’m good at and passionate about making questions to people, taking notes and documenting. I like to write about all the things happen and very details.
When I was a student, my class has a trip to some water treatment plants. I was the only one really take notes about the trip and almost all of my classmates copied my report to send to our teacher.
At that time I wrote in Vietnamese, you may read the English version here: Protected content .

It happens the same in every events: a business trip, travel, meeting people, attending event. I enjoy the taking note and writing part the most. I want to put all I’ve learned into documents.

When I ride a train from the South to the North, I would awake by 2am, 3am when the train stopped at a station to take note about time and name of station announced on speaker. You may read my post about Train ride South – North here:

I spent 2 days to work for free as a waitress at a noodle restaurant to write a post about it at the end.
You may read about it here: Protected content

And so on, you may read my post about any topic here: Protected content

Some people already said I’m good with journalism, I should be a journalist.

And now I want to turn this writing passion, energy into a serious business, which I am a business journalist.

Why do you need this?

So in my personal opinion, it’s always good for your business if it’s being known more by people. Your sales of products or services depend on how do you educate people about why do they need your products & services, depend on the quality and quantity of information you give them, depend on how do you make their life easier, make them feel they are being care of.

For example: I was looking for cashew nut to buy and there are many posts offer selling. Some people just post very few info, then I found a post with very detailed information:

The seller has 2 kinds of products, she explain how different they are and their benefits, price, quantity, they are good for how long. Together with pictures. She told about the source of cashew, where are they come from, how does she fry them. Then all detail info of how to order, payment method, delivery time, shipping fee … and her address if you want to pick up.

I mean she fed me with info so detail up to the point that I don’t need to think anything and have nothing to ask. I just send her a message to order the cashew.

OR when I wanted to move to a new place, before ending the contract, I post an advertisement to find someone to replace me and many people contacted me even up to now.

I told people about:

The address and I explained that the house is in an alley of a road. How is the house, the room and the surrounding with pictures. The house has 9 rooms with 18 people. Who are people live in, what do they do (i.e: they are mostly working in office, some of them are student). Ground floor is for parking, rooftop is laundry area. The room is on 2nd floor. What the room has and what the room does NOT have. The distance to city center and to airport, which markets, parks and facilities nearby, where is the trash bin outside.
The price, the deposit, the pay day, the expenses for utilities. I even posted picture of the receipt last month…

And that is what I want to do for you, help you to build and to write about your business, products and service.

This will help you to less time reply email, phone call to reply questions and meet up in person since people already know certain information and only those who are seriously interested would contact.


Q: I don’t need to hire you to do this, I can do it on my own.

A: Right, you can do it on your own but since you know about your business, there would be things you keep in your head and don’t bring it out since you think it’s not important or people already know about it. And do you have time, are you fond of observing and go to detail? Do you like to write, are you good at writing and organizing info? If not, let me do this for you.

Moreover, as you want to approach Vietnam market, hiring a Vietnamese to write it directly is better than you write by English then hiring a translation service. Not every language is created equal, translation would be much less authentic and smooth.

Q: But what I can do with your post if I don’t have a website.

A: My service can help you even you don’t have a proper website. Let’s check at the RESULT part.


I propose 3 styles of the post:

+ I help you to write as YOU self-write. I don’t appear in the post.

+ I write as a person who experience your products/services and share about it.

+ An “interview” which eventually can convert to video.


I can approach your business from different angles of being your employee, being your client, and/or being an observer. I will take pictures & take notes about everything happen, select core values and put into the post.


+ Tell me what do you want me to write about.

+ We will have a discussion via Skype/phone/in person.

+ I will send you a quotation tell you what I can do for you based on what you need.

+ Once we agreed, (contract is upon your request), and 50% of the payment is made, I will start to work.

+ I will delivery the final result in English either within Protected content days depend on the length of content.

+ Once you approve the content in English, you make the 50% rest of the payment, and I will send you the content in Vietnamese within Protected content day, depend on the length of the content.

+ You can request to change or edit the content within 5 business days free of charge.

+ After 5 business days, changes will be charged with negotiable price.

+ I will only write and publish information which is allowed by you. The other info will be kept confidential.

Payment & Price:

Price is based on the real work. Basically the easiest way to calculate is based on the time I need to spend to learn about your business and the time I spend to write.

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer or paypal.


(tangible and intangible)

A detailed report in Microsoft word which you can store and edit when you want.
Pdf file of the report which is ready to send as attachment to people.
A color printed version for you to keep and bring with yourself to introduce to people.
Vietnamese translation of the report.
I’ll post your business report onto my website ( Protected content ), LinkedIn,,, online version of – a local newspaper and other pages which I can, and I’ll send to you the link to check.
I’ll be aware and help you to connect if someone is interested in your business.

If you are interested in this service, please inquiry at: Protected content with title:

“Inquiry about Business Writing Service”

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