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Develop Your Executive Voice and Presence (Ho Chi Minh City)


What: Private VIP Executive Coaching to Develop your Executive Voice and Presence

The coaching includes:

Executive Voice-
*Accent Reduction (If need be)
*Voice Deepening for a more persuasive and authoritative voice
*Voice Projection
*Developing your signature voice (Your vocal business card)
*Improve your diction/ speech clarity
*Learn how to speak with confidence/conviction
*Delivering an impactful presentation/speech

Executive Presence-
*Develop awareness of your Character, Substance, and Style
*Learn the essential body language of effective leadership
*Develop "Sweet Power"
*How to recover from a major faux pas or reputational crisis
*Anchoring and power-walking...and many many more!
Bonus: Power Phrases

Why: This will certainly make you a respectable leader who can effectively
lead, inspire, and motivate people to delivering optimal results through
the sheer power of your executive voice and presence.
Moreover, expand your sphere of influence as a result.

When: At your most convenient time (for a series of sessions)

Where: On-site

Coaching Fee: Negotiable

Kindly book your sessions in advance. Slots are limited.

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