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Enzyme Bio Laundry Detergent (Ho Chi Minh City)

We understand that you VALUE your HEALTH, your well-being, your time & effort.
We understand that you want to clean your clothes well, since your clothes present one part of you.

So we have made Enzyme Bio Laundry Detergent FOR YOU.
A Laundry Detergent without chemical, perfume, help to protect YOU.

We also provide in big quantity (5 kilograms) so you can use for a long time, and we provide delivery service for you.

A biological detergent is a laundry detergent that contains enzymes harvested from micro-organisms such as bacteria.

Enzyme is protein, work as catalyst in biochemical reactions. Enzyme doesn't participate in the reaction but help to increase the speed of the reaction.

Enzyme help to:
+ Increase effectiveness of cleaning/washing process.
+ Reduce time consuming thanks to ability to decompose dirt, fat, stain quickly.
+ Reduce power consuming due to can wash at low temperature.
+ Reduce water consuming due to high effectiveness.
+ Reduce negative affect to environment due to enzyme is biodegradable detergent. The washing water can be reuse to water trees, plants.
+ Renew cloth due to affect of cellulase.
+ Increase whitening and prevent dirt to stick again.
+ Not harmful to hand skin when washing.

Cautions: avoid enzyme to contact with Respiratory system.
Few people who have sensitive skin may experience skin irritation, specially at parts of body which easily to have sweat like: under arm, groin, hand, foot, face.

Our Enzyme Bio Laundry Detergent is made by technology and equipment from Germany.
Our factory locates at Tan Thoi Hiep ward, District 12.
Our business office is at Bui Quang La street, Go Vap district.
Our representative office is at Hai Au building, no. 39B, Truong Son street, Tan Binh district.
You may visit our website at: Protected content which is currently not yet available in English.

Our previous and current customers are mostly: individuals, small business owners (clinic, hotel, restaurant) who order directly from us.

Our service: we currently provide free delivery based only, we don't open a store, if you would like to visit us to see the products, you may go to our business office at Go Vap district.

Our product: Enzyme Bio Laundry Detergent, weight: 5 kilograms, pack in a white plastic bucket.
The detergent is in white color, very fine.
Not only for washing clothes, this detergent can be used for: washing dishes, cleaning house, floor, cleaning medical equipments.
PRICE: 200,000 VND inclusive of shipping fee for central districts of Ho Chi Minh city.
With other locations/cities/provinces, extra payment for shipping fee may applicable.

How to use:
1. Hand washing:
- Around: 10 gram detergent for 1kg of dry clothes
- Put directly into dry clothes and dip in water for 10 minutes.
- Wash clothes by clean water.

2. Washing machine.
- Around: 20 gram detergent for 5kg of dry clothes.
- Select suitable washing process.

Due to it's Bio Laundry Detergent, you may experience not bubbling or very few.
It's nature of the detergent, you need not to add more detergent.

How to order: Send me a private message here or email to me at Protected content , with info:
+ Your name.
+ Your full address.
+ Your contact number.
+ Quantity you want to order.
+ Your preference time to get the product.

You don't need to pay in advance, you can pay upon receiving the product.

Please note that the delivery guy doesn't speak English, so I will just ask him send you a text message in English, i.e "Your Enzyme Bio Laundry Detergent is arrived", then please go out to meet him.
Or if you live in a building, you can leave your payment at the reception, and the delivery guy will just leave the product at the reception. It works better if you can't predict what time will you be home.

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