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Meet up: Who do you want to BE? 3pm Sat Oct 29 (Ho Chi Minh City)

Thank you for reading this!

In our previous meet up "No one cares about you", we shared about:

It's pretty 'painful' when we think about "no one cares about me",
but at the same time, it gives us more freedom to do what we want to do,
without need to think if someone cares about it or not.

In my conversation with T, a student, he said:
Before he cared a lot about title of someone, or if people care about what he posted on Facebook (by likes & comments),
the meet up reminds him that: no one cares about it.

He also shared that: he lives in a dormitory with many other roommates,
(around 18 people live in one room)
although live among people, he still feels lonely.

That's also a reason I want to share my personal purpose of creating this meet up group.

The ultimate purpose is: to create a community of people who can help each other,
and help other people.

It's as simple as, and can start with: create a safe environment to share.

The story of T, who feel lonely, although live among people aren't uncommon.
We feel lonely, not because of there are not people around us,
but because of not many people knows the REAL you.

And sometime, it's not easy to be the REAL you if you don't have environment to be so.
It may take time to build trust, and to build comfortable feeling,
but I want to offer an environment to accept being real and vulnerability.

So, please come to the next meet up to share:

Do you have any personal vision for this meet up group?
AND Who do you want to BE?

A friend of mine told me a story that:

Years ago, one time he went to a restaurant and he saw a girl there.
He approached the girl and asked: “What can I DO to make you go out with me?”

The girl answered: “BE someone else”.

Sometimes, no matter what we do or have,
people who really want to be with us, they’re with us because of our being

Who did you want to be?
Who do you want to be?
OR, in easier way, what do you wish about yourself?

Share with us at Cafe Bien Goi Protected content Thuy, Thao Dien, D2
on 3pm Saturday October 29, Protected content !

Our Facebook group is Protected content

Thank you and see you there then!


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